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Ever have trouble zipping up the back of your dress?

Of course you have... Meet The Best Friend!

The world’s first premium product that helps you zip up the back of your dress. . . all by yourself!


Simply clip the Best Friend to your zipper + pull out the length of cord you need.


Slip on your dress.


Squeeze the button to lock it at the length you want and pull up the Best Friend for a full zip!


It solves my everyday dilemma of not having anyone to help with the back of my dress. I used to go to work with my dress or blouse half zipped knowing that I'd just ask my co-worker to help when I get to my desk - those days are gone! This is a must-have, I bought some for a few of my girlfriends and they're obsessed too.

Christine C.

The Best Friend is a life saver and I no longer have trouble zipping up my dresses! It’s super chic, sturdy and definitely a wardrobe staple. I love it and it’s been my go to gift to buy for friends. This product is a must-have!

Jill S.

I’m obsessed with this product! Hands down the best purchase I made this year. Each morning I need to have my boyfriend help zip the back of my dress but now I can do it myself. Such a brilliant solution to an everyday problem!

Holly M